Short term indicators in November 2011

  • Hagtíðindi
  • 04. nóvember 2011
  • ISSN: 1670-4827

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The CPI in October 2011 rose by 0.34% from the preceding month (rose by 0.30% less housing cost). Over the last 12 months the CPI rose by 5.3% (CPI less housing cost rose by 5.0%) while the change over the last 3 months is equivalent to an annual inflation of 5.0% (5.8% inflation less housing cost). In Iceland, the HICP rose by 0.5% in September from the preceding month and rose by 0.67% in the EEA. Over the 12 months to September the HICP in Iceland rose by 5.6% and by 3.3% in the EEA.

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